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BTS: This Lakehouse Kitchen Design Is All About The Colors Of The Lake

With it’s greenish, deep blue colors the environment of this lakehouse kitchen had to be the big starting point. Imagine what happens when you make the kitchen an extension of that dreamy view. Welcome to this kitchen fairytale.


About The Design

What an honor to redesign this 23 year old kitchen. Huge point of inspiration: The lake itself obviously. Besides that several references to the architecture of the house are reflected in the interior design. For example, the frames on the kitchen fronts are inspired by the linear play of the iconic windows. The facade has curves and, since we're all for embracing curves, so would have the new kitchen now to make the flows in the space more organic.

Here you like to drink your morning coffee with a view on the lake or dine with your favorite people while enjoying good wine. This design should make this room feel great in any situation, it is the heart of the house after all.

Come along in this behind the scenes of the project to see where we are now in the design process.

3D Visual Options of the Dining Area

Layout Proposal

Below you see the new kitchen layout, no so different from the old one. Since the layout is best arranged like this to serve the lifestyle of the residents, we won't change it too much. Spaciousness is an important pillar for this design. The heavy, sturdy feeling of the current kitchen island is replaced by a different format, in order to restore the balance between the kitchen and dining area.

All the Equipment Will Be Replaced and a Small Booze Corner Will Be the Next Darling in this Kitchen.

The tumbled marble floor remains as it is and enough or even more storage space is desired. However, the appearance of the space had to be completely different, ideally with a visual separation between the cooking and dining area. Dinner parties shouldn't feel like you're eating in a kitchen, but the other way around. A bit like those restaurants with an open kitchen that you've probably seen at some point.


So here we are, phase two of the design process: finetuning the arrangement of the kitchen, selecting marble samples for the counter top, designing custom cabinets and sourcing for cool lighting fixtures.

Sneak Peek of the Color and Material Selection during the Presentation.

3D Visual of the Kitchen Area

For the Love of Vintage Wall Sconces

I have a soft spot when it comes to lighting, so you can imagine how difficult it was to select only 8 wall lights for the proposal. An addition of two 1970s wall light in the design compensates the novelty of the custom kitchen. Can you guess which one is a favorite?

To Be Continued...

Make sure to check my Instagram highlight on the last updates and to see pictures of the current kitchen.


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