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Janneke de Haas ("Haas") had a thing for telling stories from early on in life. As a kid stories came to life in her writing and drawings, but in today’s designs also through composition, color and contrasts. She creates designs that are effortlessly cool but casual, influenced by 20th century art and design movements and shaped by the world around her. A souvenir of her Art History bachelor’s degree in Amsterdam, which she obtained before studying Interior Design at Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan. She calls her style ‘Retro Chic’ with occasionally a bold statement, using as much preloved pieces as possible.


This philosophy grew upon her during one of her treasure hunts, where she came to the conclusion that so much incredible design has already been made. In her work she therefore strives for the 80-20 rule, combining her admiration for both vintage and contemporary design pieces. A sustainable design strategy, while adding character to the design.


Haas still likes to write, which is why she always adds written stories to her design proposals. No better way to describe the vibe she envisions. This is also why you find a journal on this website where she and guest editors write edits that all revolve around cool design. 


Define cool? Authentic interior design that sparks your creativity, that makes you instantly feel good. Because in the end, it’s all about the vibe.

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