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In addition to our full-service design offerings, we provide a bespoke design service, where we create custom pieces tailored to your specific needs. We develop personalized designs, that perfectly align with your desires and preferences, together with our partners. Below is a selection of bespoke pieces that captivate the spaces they're designed for.

House of Haas has strong relationships with artisans and ateliers from around the globe, which enable us to create custom furniture and distinctive objects for each project. Each piece we craft is inspired by a deep admiration for the historical context and surroundings of a space, shaping the story it is meant to tell. Our passion lies in creating furniture and products that not only elevate the atmosphere but also serve a practical purpose, becoming an integral part of the design's story. Our bespoke service includes transforming existing pieces to give them a new lease on life, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and innovation in every project.


By repurposing old white tiles from the client’s old kitchen and integrate them into this bespoke custom designed side-table, this piece perfectly reflects the sustainable concept of the forest house. project The design, inspired by the agricultural landscape, transforms this part of the space into a dynamic focus point with its varying heights and depths and reflective character of the material. This functional piece of art offers a canvas to playful styling with forest finds, books or sculptural vases. An eco-conscious piece that fuses bespoke craftsmanship with recycled charm.


This cabinet is inspired by the current architecture of the house for which this cabinet was made. The distribution of the frames is inspired by the back facade of the house with upper windows in the same pattern. We found a way to incorporate the leftover quartzite from the Lakehouse kitchen in this cabinet. By processing the stone into narrow vertical strips, an unconventional optical effect is created which results in a beautiful representation of the flow of the veins in the tempest blue quartzite stone. By adjusting the mirrors to seat height, the spatial effect is still there - whether guests are standing or sitting. Buzzing happy hours and dandy dinner parties guaranteed!


The bathroom of the Overtoom project is a sanctuary that defies convention. The fusion of round and postmodern shapes into this custom vanity cabinet infuses dynamism, while custom Calacatta Viola marble chunk handles, serve as artful accents, completing the experience. The layers of materiality in the cabinet give a tactile and visually striking element to the space. The burgundy brown painted asymmetric trifold mirror adds a playful effect, without losing functionality. In this bathroom, time seems to pause, offering a curated journey where aesthetics and functionality harmoniously converge.


Transform the dark empty corner under the staircase and find a storage space for all our wine bottles. That was the starting point of this wine cabinet design for the client, who loves a glass of wine. I mean who doesn’t?
The cabinet has a wooden door with glass and extendable drawers, where the wine bottles are presented in an illuminated entourage. The wallpaper and custom wooden handle were added to spice things up. 


This custom overlapping mirror is inspired by multiple influences that played a role in the design of the dining corner in this Amsterdam apartment. The design was inspired by the Amsterdam School, the architectural style of the apartment's neighborhood, and its characteristic bay windows. Another great source of inspiration was Abstract Art: Its shapes and layering formed the fundamental design of this mirror. Particularly, the art of Jean Rets from 1965 played a significant role in this. The overlapping parts of the mirror and its reflective property optically enlarge the space by reflecting the adjacent balcony doors, dining table, and hanging pendants.


This bespoke bookcase was given a graphic glow-up. We envisioned a unique, preferably asymmetrical shaped piece to showcase found objects, creating a modern cabinet of curiosities. Additionally, it needed to serve as a functional plinth for the client’s beloved record player and storage for their vinyl collection, allowing them to enjoy their favorite records. The perfect bookcase was found at a design fair, a piece designed by Dirk Jan van Wiers for the Italian brand Mesia. However, the original wood color clashed with the other wood tones in the interior design. Inspired by Charlotte Perriand, we decided to give it a little spice. Sometimes, a bold change is necessary to unlock a piece’s full potential, both functionally and aesthetically (of course, respecting the cultural value of the item is always paramount). Swipe to see the transformation process!

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