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Burgundy Is Back And I'm All Here For It

We've already seen some of it in early fall fashion or between upcoming items on vintage platforms, but it wasn't until the Saint Laurent SS23 show last September that Burgundy red caught my attention again. I'm pretty surprised myself where all my excitement for this color suddenly comes from since I never had a thing for red. But one thing is for sure: A reinvention of this color is already on its way and I even dare to state: Burgundy is back.

Burgundy Is Back. At Least, in My World. And It's Here To Stay.

Image Courtesy of Filippo Fior for

Saint Laurent SS 23

Although a new season will be presented soon, I still want to take a moment and look back on the Spring Summer show of last September. After all, time is just an illusion when it comes to inspiration.

The combination of the draped jersey fabric with the tough leather in great silhouettes were just as impressive as the colors. Muted, but deeply powerful were the soft browns, purples, camels, olives, and taupes. Red tones that appear so beautifully in this composition with martini olive green, enhanced by the shimmer of gold accessoires or the contrast in the use of textures. Could it be any cooler?!

After All, Time Is Just an Illusion When It Comes to Inspiration.

Couture Drawn Design Inspiration

Courtesy Image of Filippo Fior for

Fashion continues to inspire and innovate. It proves to me again how drawing inspiration from other disciplines within the field of design helps to explore and develop my personal style. To me, high fashion is an art form that continues to excite and, through its reflection of society, can point out the perspective of the designer, sometimes even resulting in a shift of yours. It's of great importance to turn to different art forms to create that one-of-a-kind design that's standing closer to its message through the use of subtle and deeper references. Sometimes fashion can be predictable, other times groundbreaking or bold. But there is always a message and an aesthetic to form an opinion on.

In this case the message of designer Anthony Vaccarello, who inspired this collection on the streets of Paris, Eiffel tower backdrop and all. Parisian glamour pur sang. And I happen to have a soft spot for Paris. Besides the deep use of color, what inspired me about this collection was also the way the looks were built: versatile, with a smooth transition from day to night through silhouettes with allure. And YES to these strong shoulders!

Parisian Glamour Pur Sang. And I Happen To Have a Soft Spot for Paris.

The Versatility of Burgundy Red

It's how I like to see it in interior design - Versatility, that allows a space to be customized by certain pieces of furniture, creating the perfect space for both date night on a Tuesday and happy hour on a Saturday.

If I could choose a collection to inspire an interior design on, this one would definitely be in my provisional top 5. I would make use of the finest qualities of materials, draped sheer fabrics and of course: Burgundy red.

Pour yourself a glass of your finest red, because below you'll find a curation that confirms the grandeur and versatility of this color, even in interior design. For when you're just as excited about this color as I am. And I'm holding onto my hope that we haven't seen the best of this color yet. So I tell them just like I always do with Burgundy wines: Just keep them coming.


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