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All the Information You'll Need on this Sunday Morning.

A curation that shines her light on seven objects, concepts, questions, atmospheres or perspectives to instantly spark your creativity and bring good vibes into upcoming week. The seven of this Sunday? Seven curated objects to create that hotel lobby vibe in your home and break the mid February blues.

No. 1 - Shelving

What is it about hotel lobbies that makes you want to stay and hang out all day? Well for one thing, there's always something to see. Great shelving makes art + objects to be seen. Difference in height is such a great trick when it comes to making an eye traveling the room. Not only to the shelf itself, but also to the objects on it. Definitely worth a try with these teak wood shelves designed by Walter Wirz from the 1960s.

Available at Studio Cadmium.


No. 2 - Preloved Coffeetable Book from the Reciety Library

A curated pile of books would look amazing on your console table. A good coffee table book serves a dual purpose. It's not only pleasing for the eye but is also recommended when looking for inspiration on a creative Sunday afternoon.

Available at Reciety.


No. 3 - Harco Loor Haarlem Plexiglass Cone Table Lamp

A unique and timeless vintage piece. Clean and catchy at the same time. With its soft glow this would look amazing on your shelf on those gloomy Sunday mornings.

Available at Whoppah.


No. 4 - By Redo Scented Candle

Handmade in France from mouth-blown glass and cotton wicks these scented candles spread the scent of the most colorful and delicate herbs that remind you of this region. With weather conditions like these where you only want to go outside for a gluhwein, you rather invite those soft natural scents and a warm atmosphere into your home. My fav is the Safran. Feels like the perfect balance of soft and tough tones.

Available at Skins Cosmetics.


No. 5 - Menu Etruscan Pitcher

Why not stay hydrated in your self-made water corner with this Pitcher designed by Mentze Ottenstein for Menu. Or to slip in a spicy margarita while doing some late night work on little Friday. You'll find my favorite recipe here by the way. The sweeping bold silhouette of the Pitcher is shaped from mirror-polished stainless steel and includes a curvy top handle with a tapered spout for easy pouring. Designed to serve them ice cold, but also works perfectly as a vase.

Available at Menu Space.


No. 6 - 70's Swivel Fauteuil

What is it about hotel lobbies that people are so attracted to them? Cozy corners. Your own little island to hang, work, call or write under the influence of the right amount of buzz around you. Yes, I've fallen for to the lobby life. Hard.

So creating corners like these is the least you can do for yourself to keep that vibe going at home. Treat yourself on this vintage swivel fauteuil to join your console table. The perfect spot to quickly open your laptop and catch up on some messages. And this fabric *sight* makes my 70s obsession grow to serious amounts.

Available at Decennia Design.

Image Courtesy of Halle Roed.


No. 7 - Contemporary Ceramic African Vessel by Willem van Hooff

The Contemporary Ceramic African Vessel Series by Willem van Hooff were inspired by African building techniques and are purposely brought out of 'balance'. Like kicking the shins on purpose. An amazing work of design and exactly what you need to achieve that spontaneous lobby vibe where everything just seems to flow.

Available on request at Willem Van Hooff.

Like the French Have their 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' - Trademark, Achieving the Hotel Vibe Comes Down to Decorative Objects, Art and Design, but Making It Look like You're Not Trying too Hard.

Decorate that shelf or cabinet with interesting sculptures, put that bowl on that side table or drape that throw just casually over the sofa to work. that. vibe.


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