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The design for this apartment tells the story of the creative, international minded clients and their deep affection for music, reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon Rock scene of the 70s. The design draws inspiration from the places they lived, Berlin, Marseille, LA, and Amsterdam, blending an unexpected mix of materials that vividly showcases the diverse influences from these vibrant cities. The first step in this project was to redesign the upper floor of their Amsterdam apartment. This includes a bedroom, bathroom, and landing, with a strong emphasis on maximizing space without sacrificing warmth, layering, and a bold twist. The vibe should feel balanced but eclectic, considerately maximalist.




Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Laurel Canyon Rock, 70s, Contemporary, Moody Cocktail Bars


The Laurel Canyon aesthetic embodies a breezy bohemian charm, exuding a cool, mellow ambiance through materials like wood, cocoon, prints, macrame, stone and straw. The fusion of these materials with contemporary elements, while honoring the house's 1900s architectural heritage is at the core of the layered design. The headboard, pillows, and bedspread introduce layers of prints, while the high-pile beige wool rug with organic black streaks provides a calming base.


The asymmetrical placement of the mantel on the back wall initially seemed challenging for achieving balance, but by embracing it, a playful effect is created with shelves placed on either side of the mantel. The headboard, mirroring the wide-tapered shape of the mantel, creates an optically surprising effect that plays with the imbalance. This is further emphasized by the mismatched nightstands, on client's request. We discovered the rattan nightstand at a French brocante, while the pink travertine variant was found online. A painting by Peggy Kuiper ties the design's colors together.


Replacing the closet doors of the existing wardrobe adds a funky twist to the space. The walnut moldings with custom handles frame natural fiber wallpaper by Elitis in a 70s print. Double-layered curtains dress the window: crocheted wool lace curtains evoke Laurel Canyon Rock, while blackout curtains in an earthy tone add tranquility.

Hoofdbord gestoffeerd
Behang Elitis Wallpaper Cabinet
Peggy Kuiper kunstwerk
Vanity Bathroom Cabinet High-end
Niche marble bathroom

The bathroom is a sanctuary that defies convention. Illuminated by an existing skylight, the space stimulates the opted botanical vibe, with the interplay of natural light reflecting off dark red zellige tiles, creating an expansive yet mysterious ambiance. Layers of terrazzo and Calacatta Viola marble introduce a tactile and visually striking element, carefully balanced to avoid excess. The fusion of round and cubist shapes in the vanity cabinet, shower and mirror infuses dynamism and boldness, while custom marble chunk handles, serve as artful accents, completing the experience. In this bathroom, time seems to pause, offering a curated journey where aesthetics and functionality harmoniously converge.

Mirror bathroom residential
Marble Terrazzo Bathroom
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