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Forest House Cocktail Chair
Forest House Residential Design



The Forest House design narrates the story of autumn, serving as an ode to the season. The client’s desire for a sustainable creation significantly influenced the project, achieved through the use of numerous vintage pieces and eco-friendly materials. It’s a place to be inspired by nature, let your thoughts wander, and enjoy quality time with family.




Tilburg, The Netherlands


The Forest, Sustainability, Autumn, Midcentury Modern   


Imagine a summer house at the edge of the forest. It's mid October, and the leaves slowly turn orange, brown and yellow. Although the air is crispy and cooler than the days before, the sky is still blue. Birds are chirping, sunlight shines dreamily through the trees and in the background some jazzy tunes are playing. A perfect escape from all the buzz. Catching this vibe was the main inspiration for the design of the forest house. Nature’s captivating essence takes center stage. Unveiling an ever-changing palette of colors, moods, and textures, the design concept embraces the harmonious dance of elements in the forest. A nature-inspired sanctuary with a down to earth atmosphere to gather your thoughts and reconnect with your senses. The large glass sliding doors, creating a real connection with the forest, provoke a continuous inside out flow effect.

Vintage Sofa
Bookcase Vakkenkast

Every design element in the the Forest House contributes to the narrative inspired by Mother Nature. Where the hunter chairs are a direct reference to the forest, the vintage sofa evokes a timeless connection. The Shou Sugi Ban wood coffee table and sisal rug beneath contribute an organic touch while maintaining distinctive characteristics, allowing them to be individual personas in the design. A curated find from a vintage design fair, the Dirk Jan van Wiers bookcase by Italian brand Mesia, adds an element of sophistication. To enhance the display of forest finds, we decided to paint it white and black, inspired by Charlotte Perriand. The introduction of a graphic element - like a canvas with added layers to it.

Woven throughout are vintage treasures like the vintage wooden wall lamps, a richly textured, wool-upholstered cocktail chair, and a plant stand passed down from an old aunt of the client. The wall tapestry above the custom sidetable, surprisingly the first discovery, shaping the entire design. This tapestry breathes life into the concept with its diverse tones and coarse wool material. We instantly knew it was meant for this place. The hard lines of the wooden wall panels and the window frames clash cheerfully with the organically shaped pieces, including a spiral floor lamp, mirror and rare wall lights made of frosted glass.

Kitchen island barstools


The environment is reflected in the interior design through the use of natural materials, such as stone, grass fibre, wool, leather, wood and aged brass. It's all about storytelling. The aged brass finishings and simple white tiles make a reference to the rural countryside where the forest house is located. Other choices were merely aesthetic, such as the semi-transparent curtains of smooth fabric, which softly filter the incoming sunlight. Artifort's Tulip bar stools offer a contemporary twist, harmonizing with the curtains. The bespoke side table adds a ceramic texture to the design, while vintage lighting, along with works from artists Marlies Huybs and Kat Klerks, illuminate the space.

Keuken interieur ontwerp
White wood cladding


By repurposing old white tiles from the client’s old kitchen and integrate them into this bespoke custom designed side-table, this piece perfectly reflects the sustainable concept of the forest house. The design, inspired by the rural landscape, transforms this part of the space into a dynamic focus point with its varying heights and depths and reflective character of the material. This functional piece of art offers a canvas to playful styling with forest finds, books or sculptural vases. An eco-conscious piece that fuses bespoke craftsmanship with recycled charm. 

Tapestry Wandkleed
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