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Custom Cabinet Marble
Walnut kitchen



Inspired by the nearby lake, this design reflects its narrative in every aspect: The flowing movement of water, organic shapes drawn from nature, and the semi-circular rear façade are seamlessly integrated to create a harmonious and fluid design, resulting in a spatially engaging and captivating space that evokes the essence of story. The connection between indoor and outdoor space played a significant role in the design process, with natural light selectively highlighting textures and materials, resulting in an interplay of light and organic form.




Oegstgeest, The Netherlands


The Lake


Drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty, the lakehouse kitchen seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics, creating a culinary haven that mirrors the vibrant hues of the lake and the residence’s original architectural elements. This harmonious interplay of nature and design transforms meal preparation into a joyful experience, while the seamless flow between the kitchen and dining area encourages conversation and connection.

Highlights of the space include the staggered wood grain in vertical and horizontal directions, creating a playful effect, the round edges of the kitchen unit and island, crafted from rich walnut wood, and the tempest blue quartzite, used in different parts of the design, including the countertop.

Walnut kitchen fronts
Quartzite counter top

Warm, serene color shades such as honey yellow, soft greenish blue and brown form the fundamental palette, with direct influence on the atmosphere that this lakehouse kitchen breathes. Strategic placement of mirrors and reflective materials throughout the space amplifies the sense of spaciousness, a key desire expressed by the client. A custom-designed cabinet, echoing the rounded forms of the countertops and island, provides ample storage while reinforcing the cohesive aesthetic of the space. Other highlights include the half round wall shelves with a hanging frame for wineglasses and a thinly shaped browned brass pendant by Anour to illuminate the worktop.

Above the Christian Delcourt dining table, a Venicem chandelier - echoing the delicate branches of seaweed - hangs elegantly. Curving around the corners, semicircular wall shelves offer a creative display for hanging wine glasses. The Tempest Blue quartzite with its swirling veins of green, blue, and yellow hues brings the colors of the lake indoors.

Venicem kroonluchter hanglamp


Drawing inspiration from the architectural elements of the rear facade, this bespoke cabinet seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic of the space, highlighted by mirrored doors that playfully reflect the window layout, creating a captivating visual dynamic. While the whimsical elephantine legs echo the curves of the kitchen, blending form and function seamlessly, the incorporation of leftover quartzite from the kitchen design into the cabinet design has yielded a stunning optical effect, showcasing the natural beauty of the tempest blue quartzite stone. Drawing further inspiration from the back facade of the house, the distribution of frames mirrors the upper windows, preserving the spatial effect whether standing or seated.

Marble veins
Stopcontacten marmer spatrand


An exquisite artwork by Belgian textile artist Diana Bitar creates a captivating focal point. Meticulously crafted with hand-dyed silk and delicate pleats, this piece captures the dynamic movement of water, resembling the rippling waves and flowing currents of the nearby lake. The artwork reflects the inspiration drawn from the lakehouse’s serene environment, with colors that blend seamlessly like the shifting hues in water reflections.

Artwork plisse multicolor
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