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All the Information You'll Need on this Sunday Morning.

A curation that shines her light on seven objects, concepts, questions, atmospheres or perspectives to instantly spark your creativity and bring good vibes into upcoming week. The seven of this Sunday? Seven highlights of Salone Del Mobile 2023. Although I couldn't attend this year (with a lot of fomo on my side, I can assure you), these were the 7 exhibitions that caught my attention while following updates on Milan Design Week.

Image Credit: Marco Cappelletti
No. 1 - Solid Nature x OMA x Sabine Marcelis

Their garden of Wonders is formed by the dreamy installation, appropriately titled 'Beyond The Surface'.

In this mind-bending experience, the visitor witnessed the journey of stone from quarrying to crafting, all while experiencing the power of the subconscious in an allegorical adventure. As you wander through a series of dreamlike installations, you'll confront themes like 'Confrontation', 'Revelation', and 'Patience', each one showcasing the different ways natural stone can be used in design. Think of it like Inception meets Indiana Jones, with a dash of industrial grit thrown in for good measure.

As you emerge from the underground and back into the light of day, you'll find yourself in the stunning gardens of the exhibition's location, surrounded by the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Image Credit: Marco Cappelletti

Image Credit: Marco Cappelletti

Here the visitor gets ready to feast the eyes on the ultimate buffet table and bar, courtesy of designer Sabine Marcelis. With a ten-foot-long glass tabletop featuring a stunning gradient pattern that shifts from yellow to orange to red, this table is a true work of art. But that's not all - the table is propped up by a series of stone legs, each one shaped to act as a serving platter for the culinary creations of artist Laila Gohar. Every aspect of this project, from the design to the food, was determined by the warm-toned color palette.

The ultimate sensory experience, where art meets food meets design.


Image Credit: Nanna Broge
No. 2 - Dimore Gallery

20 years of Dimorestudio was celebrated in style with two awesome installations. First up, there's 'Silence' at the new Dimorecentrale headquarters. This installation visually tells the story of the Dimore universe, with four defined environments that have made Dimorestudio famous. And there's even a fifth environment that showcases a new language for the studio, featuring classicism and sophistication that's never over-the-top.

But that's not all! There's also 'No Sense' at the historic apartment on Via Solferino. This installation brings together Dimorestudio, Dimoregallery, and Dimoremilano to create a more holistic concept. It's like a return to the roots of Dimorestudio, with a mix of ingredients that have made the studio so unique and awesome over the years.

And let's not forget about the video projections of research images that intrigued and stimulated visitors. Installations as dreamlike time capsules, enclosed in rough boxes that showcase the passing of time. It's like a visual connection between furniture and artwork, with each interior having its own identity and character.

The world of Dimorestudio; where art, culture, and cinema all mingle together. It's like Cinecittà meets the Biennale.

The recipe for greatness.


Image Credit: Loewe

No. 3 - Loewe

The renowned fashion brand has turned heads at the Salone in Milan with a series of new chair designs that embody the surreal and playful vision of creative director Jonathan Anderson. Loewe partnered with Vincent Sheppard to breathe new life into eight vintage Stick chairs, transforming them into true art objects. The installation is showcased in the courtyard of Palazzo Isambardi. Each chair is a unique and imaginative piece, showing different weaving techniques in materials like leather, raffia, thermal blankets, shearling and felt.. And the best part? Every chair is available for purchase, complete with a matching Loewe bag.

It's incredible to see how this collaboration has sparked a new wave of creativity and innovation, demonstrating that the boundaries between fashion and design can be blurred with stunning results. Who knows what other unexpected pairings could lead to extraordinary outcomes? It's exciting to think about the possibilities.


Image credit: Agnese Bedini

No. 4 - Alcova

The annual group show curated by Joseph Grima and Valentina Ciuffi that takes over abandoned buildings in Milan. Since its launch in 2018, the project has featured creative interventions by brands and designers, showcasing a curated selection by Grima and Ciuffi. This year Alcova was held in the historical quarter of the Porta Vittoria Abattoir for the first time, offering the public an opportunity to explore the 20.000 sqm area that spans six buildings. Visitors can expect to be enthralled by the various performances, exhibitions, talks, screenings and installations on display throughout the event.

Lindsey Adelman, Kiki Goti, Mario Tsai, Objects of Common Interest and Holloway Li with Uma will be taking over the spaces this year, while national participations include This is Denmark, curated by Laura Traldi and Elena Cattaneo, and Finland's Habitarematerials, featuring 14 local brands. Alcova has grown into a vibrant and spontaneous community, a so called 'snapshot of what design is at the moment.'


Image Credit: Alessi

No. 5 - Alessi

In palazzo Borromeo d’Adda you could discover Alessi's Ars Metallica project. The name of this stunning exhibition is giving us some serious ancient Roman vibes. Ars Metallica in Latin literally means 'metal arts' and it's here to showcase the amazing art of cold-pressing metal, which is a specialty of Alessi's hometown, Omegna, in the north of Italy. Visitors were blown away by some seriously cool metalwork. The brand displays a host of metal works by artists including Philippe Starck, Virgil Abloh and Salvador Dalí. While taking a stroll around the palazzo's courtyard visitors could marvel at the beauty of Il Tornitore Matto - a brand new project by Alberto Alessi. Metal mania at it's very best.


Image Credit: Artemest

No. 6 - Artemest's L'Appartamento

Six top-notch design studios were ask to take over Milan's L'Appartamento to showcase their creativity at Milan design week. Each designer used furniture, lighting, and art from the brands, designers, and artists represented on the Artemest platform to bring their unique style to the room.

"We want to revive this beautiful apartment and show how different interior design studios, each with its unique style and approach, can work with Artemest to create inspiring interiors that celebrate authentic Italian beauty," explains Artemest founder Ippolita Rostagno.

Personal fav was the room of Kingston Lafferty Design from Dublin, who stole the show with their unconventional living room that challenges visitors' perception of a living room. The centerpiece of the room is a monolithic block that glows with a soft golden sheen, splitting the room into two distinct spaces. One side has an informal living room with oversized furniture in bright colors, while the other side has a rich palette of jewel-tones that create a more decadent atmosphere.


Image Credit: Mario Torre

No. 7 - Marni

Londonart's collection of wallpapers, crafted by Marni, is a vibrant burst of energy and colors. With a meticulous and unconventional approach, the collection reinterprets the traditional prints and patterns that have been a part of Marni's heritage, translating their aesthetic appeal and tactile quality to wallpapers. From soft stripe clouds to wild flowers, it's all there. And like that wasn't enough, Marni also collaborated with Serax to launch a sophisticated tableware collection called 'Midnight Flowers'. The collection consists out of 120 hand illustrated pieces, all botanical inspired with a palette of mauve, teal, lime and rose. The collection inspires the creation of a non-conventional visual story, where each piece is meant to be mixed and matched freely, resulting in endless possibilities that defy the distinctions between structure and creative disorder.


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