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All the Information You'll Need on this Sunday.

A curation that shines her light on seven objects, concepts, questions, atmospheres or perspectives to instantly spark your creativity and bring good vibes into upcoming week. The seven of this Sunday? Seven ways to incorporate animal print into your interior design.

In a time dominated by mob wife eras and sophisticated-with-a-twist aesthetics, animal print is making a roaring comeback. But forget the animal prints of tacky trailer park vibes from your favorite crime series – this is a whole new safari. Animal print is turning out to be contemporary, cool, and graphic. It's that touch of untamed allure that elevates your space from mundane to magnificent. So why not unleash your wild side? You know the wild ones always stand out.

No. 1 - Wallcovering

Image: Milan apartment designed by David/Nicolas.

Pick a design that is subtle and chic. Use wallpaper, fabric or wooden panels like Nicolas Moussallem and David Raffoul did in their Milan apartment project. They've used wood-and-marquetry-panels. If you don't have the resources to go full custom, be open minded. Instead of using wallpaper, panels or fabric - maybe it would even more fun to get creative and paint your own panels or walls with a personal interpretation of a specific animal print? Unique and the creative process to enjoy is a big plus.


No. 2 - Upholstery

Image by Linn Eklund.

Let's talk furniture with a bite. Animal print upholstery is of all times. Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret did it with cow print.  Dorothy Draper often used animal prints as part of her bold and colorful designs and even Coco Chanel wasn't afraid to use leopard in her designs. Take a cue from Linn Eklund's iconic Dusty Deco sofa for a sleek statement in any Nordic space. In a more maximalist paradise, it's all about mixing prints with reckless abandon. Cow print chairs cozying up with striped cushions or zebra ottomans dancing alongside velvet sofas. Let graphic play rule.

Don't make the mistake of thinking upholstery has to be that expensive. Score a gorgeous vintage fabric on an auction website and find a local upholsterer who can give your old chair a fresh makeover.


Image: LC1 Cow Armchairs by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret for Cassina (1970s)

No. 3 - Carpentry and Rugs

Image: 1928 Bungalow Remodel by ReDesign Home Chicago.

A staircase runner, printed carpet in your dressing room or a large rug in your living. They serve as a base layer of effortless coolness. Be sure to pick a timeless animal print, like leopard, and combine it with different patterns and the right materials in your space. Make sure it doesn't feel cheap or like you've stepped into your grandma's house from the '70s. Go for quality and even dark tones to make the space feel like a mysterious hotel with the right amount of glam. Roar.


No. 4 - Framed Patterns

Image via Pinterest

A secret passion of mine: Collecting silk scarfs. So why not upgrade your beloved silk scarves to more than just accessories. By framing them and integrating them into a gallery wall, you're not just decorating; you're creating a narrative. Each scarf reminds you of adventures in the past, moments of elegance, and warmth. You're not just transforming a dull wall; you're transforming your space into a vibrant tapestry of memories. Every glance reminds you of the places you've been wearing or buying that scarf, the moments you've lived. It's the subtle art of storytelling combined with the touch of Carrie Bradshaw's flair. Hang them with pride, let them speak volumes.


No. 5 - Textile

Image: A Tiger In The Orangerie fabric by Dedar.

A subtle zebra-print throw casually draped over your armchair is not screaming for attention; it's simply adding a touch of personality to the room. If you'd like to do more: go for curtains. Less easy replaceable, but it will elevate your standard interior instantly. What's great about animal prints is their versatility. They can be bold or understated, depending on how you incorporate them. Sick of it? Textiles can be replaced easily. You've got nothing to loose.

Tip: The new textile collections of Dedar and Nobilis feature lots of animal printed fabrics.


No. 6 - Accessories

Image: Interior by Casey Kenyon in Elle Decor.

Leopard-print cushions on your sofa. Cow printed shades for your new lamp. It's like little whispers of the wild, adding texture and warmth to your space.

Animal accents are playful and one-of-a-kind. Try to make variations in size, color, and texture. And combine them with contrasting textures, like Casey Kenyon did here with a high gloss burgundy red cabinet. It makes the leopard looks v chic. Capital C.


No. 7 - Go bold

Image: Vegan Cowhide Ultra Set by Soft Frame Designs.

For the fearless among us. Those who like taking risks, pushing boundaries, and turning ordinary into extraordinary. Why not shake up your space with a splash of the unexpected? Reupholster your bedframe with cow print. A conversation starter for interesting pillow talk. Or cover your cabinet doors with leopard printed wallpaper in chic walnut colored moldings. Don't settle for the ordinary. Think big. Make the gesture as fierce as you are.


Let's Talk Furniture With A Bite. Animal Print Upholstery Is Of All Times.

From the sleek simplicity of Scandinavian chic to the lavish allure of maximalist glamour, animal prints add a touch of untamed elegance to any space. With fashion and fabric brands leading the way, incorporating these prints into your home is effortless and chic. So, darlings, embrace the wild side of design and let your furniture roar with personality.

Image: Hotel Les Deux Gares Paris.


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